03 Secret Features Every Rolex Owner Should Know

03 Secret Features Every Rolex Owner Should Know

For a watch enthusiast, buying a luxury watch can be the purest form of bliss! If you’re someone who loves to collect watches, you will agree with this.

Now, while luxury watches are a great investment, not everyone can afford to buy a brand new luxury watch. Even if you can afford it, in many cases it feels like you are breaking the bank for the watch. If that is what stops you from buying a luxury watch from a good brand, we would suggest you go for a pre-owned one.

With people being more aware of sustainable living and sustainable fashion, buying pre-owned goods is no longer looked down upon. It is a great way of spending less, owning a luxury product, and making the most out of a valuable and expensive product. The same goes for pre-owned luxury watches. Now, if you’re into buying and collecting luxury watches, you must practice utmost care while investing your money in such a product. Whether it’s a Rolex, a Chopard, or a Rado, you need to be very careful while buying a classic timepiece. As a watch enthusiast myself, I have made certain mistakes while buying pre-owned luxury watches. I will list them down so you are sure that you are not making these mistakes:

03 Secret Features Every Rolex Owner Should Know

    Not Asking for the Paperwork

Whether new or old, luxury watches have their paperwork like chronometer certificate and certificate of authenticity that tells that the watch is a genuine piece. If you’re planning to buy a certified chronometer watch but it doesn’t come with a certificate, you should avoid buying it.

In the name of pre-owned luxury watches, people often sell fake watches so be careful while buying such a watch.

03 Secret Features Every Rolex Owner Should Know

    Not Checking for the Battle Scars

Pre-owned luxury watches do come with battle scars! Yes, I am talking about the scratches. Never overlook the scratches on the metalwork and the lens. Carefully look if the surface has been scratched up and to what extent. Though luxury watches are made with high-quality stainless steel, they do get scratched up over time. If the scratches are too visible, avoid going for that watch as it may end up looking old and dull, stealing the feel of luxury from it.

Also, check the lens closely and see if it has a scratch or crack. If there is a brand-new-looking lens on a worn-out watch, ask for a service receipt. If the watch owner is a responsible person, they would provide you with the same. In case no receipt is there, you will never know where the watch has gotten its service and you should avoid buying such a watch.

    Not Researching the Seller

Another thing to take care of while buying pre-owned luxury watches is to look the seller up before you go to them. Check for online reviews, social media pages, reviews by previous customers, and their experiences. Find out if they offer a transparent return policy and warranty with the pre-owned watch. You can also check if the seller is qualified to service the luxury watches because you might need the service in the future.

You can either find this information on the web or through previous clients, or you can also pay a visit to the seller before buying a watch. In the latter case, you can ask questions about the origins of the watch, the paperwork available with it, etc. It will assure you that the seller is genuine and reliable.

So, these are the most common mistakes people often make while buying pre-owned luxury watches. Make sure you avoid them on your next purchase.


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