Bill Boyajian Has a New Book Coming Out

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“Family Business Succession Planning” covers the dynamics of working in a multigenerational business and prepping for the next generation.

Bill Boyajian Has a New Book Coming Out

Business consultant Bill Boyajian’s latest book, “Family Business Succession Planning: The Last Piece in Your Company Transition,” comes out in July. New York—Consultant and business coach Bill Boyajian has spent years helping jewelers make one of the hardest decisions of their careers—what to do with their store when it comes time to retire.   Now, he’s put that knowledge into a book that comes out this summer, “Family Business Succession Planning: The Last Piece in Your Company Transition.”    The book lays out the formula for creating a successful succession plan, the main obstacles owners must confront when transitioning their business, the most common mistakes made in the process, and more.    Boyajian, who also authored “Developing the Mind of a Leader,” described the book to National Jeweler as a “quick-but-meaty read.”    “It gets right to the heart of the issues that confront every small business owner who has family in the business, and even those that don’t,” he said.    “Business transition is challenging and not easy to tackle without some outside counsel. That counsel is available to people if they seek it out.”

Boyajian teased the release of “Family Business Succession Planning” earlier this year on a National Jeweler webinar.    The industry veteran appeared alongside jeweler Glenn Ballard of Ballard & Ballard Jewelers in Fountain Valley, California, on a February episode of “My Next Question.”    The retailer is in the process of turning over the family business to his brother, Guy Ballard, and Boyajian has been guiding him through the process.  
 The entire webinar can be viewed on the National Jeweler website.   Boyajian’s book is set to come out in July.    To pre-order a copy, contact him directly at or order it via his website.   It will also be available through Amazon in both physical and electronic formats.    For more on the book, check out Centurion Editor-in-Chief Hedda Schupak’s Q&A with Boyajian.

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