People with good taste wear jewelry. Everyone else has to wear gold.

Gold bracelets

14k gold jewelry never goes out of style. They are a kind of message to the outside world, testifying to the wealth, status and taste of the owner. It is for this reason that a rare woman will refuse to buy another gold “trinket”, if she has the opportunity to purchase it. Aurum 14k gold

14k gold and pearl bracelet

Bracelet made of white pearls and 14-karat yellow gold. Buying a gold bracelet with pearls means buying yourself an adornment from the “unsurpassed classics” series. Such jewelry is perfect for both a casual look and an evening dress. Bracelets made of gold with pearls will adorn any woman at all times.
More exclusive and personalized jewelry than gold pearl bracelets is hard to find. It is a pure aesthetic pleasure to choose them from the offered assortment, where each next model of precious jewelry seems to be better than the previous one. Gold bracelets with pearls have always been valued, and the reason for this was the danger that accompanies the process of mining natural mother-of-pearl. But after the inlay, even seemingly ordinary gold bracelets turned into chic and prestigious jewelry, giving their owner a special charm and grace. Tiffany heart bracelet

tiffany bracelet 14k gold and pearl

Gold jewelry can be selected for both an accomplished lady and a very young girl, the main thing is to adhere to the basic rules when choosing:

  • You should choose a thing based not only on the style of a particular outfit, but also with a view to the future, because jewelry is expensive items, they are acquired for a long time, and often even passed on by inheritance;
  • It is always worth trying on as many jewelry you like as possible in order to understand what exactly will suit your face and will most emphasize your individuality;
  • It is advisable to purchase jewelry made of precious metals, completing them with each other into single ensembles (earrings with a bracelet, ring or chain).
Women’s gold bracelets

Jewelry – which can highlight the beauty, but not add the missing.

Features of gold bracelets

There are three main colors of gold available in the market: yellow, white and pink.

  • Yellow is the natural color of gold, but it can have different shades depending on the amount and type of additives.
  • White gold is made by mixing yellow gold with white metal alloys, so it can never be 24k. White gold has become popular not so long ago, due to its rhodium-plated coating, which makes the color of the metal brighter and preserves it for a long time.
  • Rose gold is made by adding copper to pure metal. Standard rose gold is 18K, meaning 75% pure gold and 25% copper, but some brands, such as Tiffany, have their own proprietary rose gold alloy composition that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Italian gold is distinguished by a special color, which is pure yellow, without the slightest reddish tint. Another feature of the products of Italian jewelers is the subtlety of elaboration of details and numerous openwork elements.
  • In recent years, products from black gold have been in demand, which is produced by adding impurities such as cobalt, sulfur and chromium to the alloy. The result is 18K gold, corresponding to 750 carat and having all the qualities of ordinary gold, but with a higher price due to the complexity of the production process.

How to wear gold bracelets

You can wear gold bracelets on any hand. Some women like to wear them individually, but several bracelets can be combined with taste, especially for ethnic-style accessories or hoop bracelets.

A bracelet with an exquisite weaving and pattern is worn on the wrist or forearm; it is undesirable to combine it with anything other than rings.

A thin and flexible bracelet in the form of a spiral is able to adorn the shoulder of a young girl; it can have inserts of stones, or it can be solid and flat, reminiscent of the decoration of a Greek goddess.

Buy gold bracelet

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