Breitling Embraces Try-Before-You-Buy Through Subscription Service

Breitling Embraces Try-Before-You-Buy Through Subscription Service

Consumers don’t like feeling rushed when making luxury purchases, and brands like Breitling have found a suitable solution. #BreitlingSelect allows subscribers to try up to three Breitling watches in a year from a dedicated portfolio of timepieces. Part of the offer is that the subscribers will then be able to purchase one of the three watches at a special price.

How does it work? After registering on Breitlings’ website and signing a contract, participants will pay a one-time subscription fee of USD 450 and subsequently make a monthly payment of USD 129, for 12 months. Subscribers can then choose their first watch, which will be delivered straight to their doorstep. “This program is a natural extension of our ambitious digital strategy, most visible through our thriving e-commerce and our new blockchain-enabled digital passport. Both reset the way we engage with our clients. This is not only a substantial innovation in the watch industry but also a demonstration of Breitling’s inclusive luxury approach,” said Georges Kern, Breitling’s CEO.

The portfolio of watches available is from a selected assortment of refurbished Breitling timepieces. Although there are companies that do this, such as Wrist Mafia, Watch Gang, and Watch Lending Club, Breitling is the first independent watchmaker to offer this kind of service in-house.

Breitling will offer both men’s and women’s timepieces, including their chronographs, and prices will range from USD 3,500 to USD 6,500. In time the company will develop the program as per the demand of patrons and may up the ante on the offerings avialable over time.


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