Dazzling Jewellery for Mothers

Dazzling Jewellery for Mothers

Celebrate Mother’s Day in May this year with jewellery pieces that embody and honour a mother’s love – diamonds for their enduring nature, pearls for their purity, and coloured gemstones for their unequivocal uniqueness. 

Diamonds are revered as the utmost and most authentic expression of love. For many centuries, these treasures from nature have exemplified royalty, commitment and human connection, thanks to their durability and universal appeal. 

With a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale, diamonds are considered the hardest material on earth, enabling it to stand the test of time – which, in many ways, resembles a mother’s unconditional love. 

Pearls are the purest and most organic of all gems. Produced by a living organism, pearls can either be natural or cultured, and come in a broad range of colours, sizes and lustre. Cultured pearls are classified as Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian and freshwater. 

Highly sought after as a status symbol by royal families and influential figures in history, pearls are now getting a timely upgrade in terms of design and reputation, which could also signify a mother’s devotion – steadfast and progressing.

Coloured gems meanwhile could represent a mother’s versatile nature – loving yet stern, lenient yet protective. Gems come in a variety of colours, types and shapes, alongside a rich history, which could best represent every mother’s exceptional journey.


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