14k gold earrings are one of the favorite women’s jewelry. Correctly selected jewelry will allow you to highlight the dignity of their owner and create a complete image.

Design gold earrings

When choosing 14k gold earrings, you need to trust not only your intuition and sense of taste, but also pay attention to the shape of your face. Correctly selected jewelry will add expressive accents and hide flaws.

Smooth square hoop earrings will suit owners of all face types – they are a kind of classic in the interpretation of modern designers. Such decoration for ears will be appropriate both day and evening. It is only important to choose the right size.
Wear small hoop earrings for office work, they will look stylish and discreet. Bigger hoop earrings can be recommended for girls who are more bold. Not very wide models with rings will help to visually reduce the face and soften its contours.

For those with a square face, we recommend making a choice in favor of elongated models with rings or round pendants. The soft curves of the earrings will help smooth out the sharpness of the cheekbones and chin. Square-faced girls shouldn’t wear diamond-shaped hoop earrings, as they will only highlight their visual flaws.

Earrings with amethysts, garnets

Bow earrings and flower-shaped jewelry will add romance and flirtatiousness to the image of their owners, and butterfly earrings – lightness and grace. They can be made in the form of a whole object or part thereof, with or without precious inserts, in the form of studs, pendants, chains, clips, congo. The advantage of these types of earrings is the ability to combine them with any style of clothing: denim, office and business, evening and weekend.

Rectangular earrings, given their originality, are not for everyone. Long thin ornaments of a volumetric plan are suitable for girls with a round face. For owners of a square type of face, it is better to pay attention to rectangular plates devoid of volume.

Miniature diamond earrings are suitable for all girls. They look more impressive with short haircuts, elegantly complementing the whole look. Large diamonds are appropriate for those with a narrow face. They accentuate high cheekbones and visually expand the face. Women with a round face should pay attention to elongated diamond earrings or those that consist of several shapes. This form of jewelry will visually reduce the roundness of the cheeks and give expressiveness to the image.

Girls with triangular and square faces should choose rhombuses from thin lines or more rounded versions of this shape. This will smooth out the oval of the face and add tenderness.

75 years ago, most people got their ears pierced at home, and young girls even organized special parties. Earrings in the ears were a sign of high origin 500 years earlier.

Drop earrings will look stunning on women with an oval face shape. Holders of a round shape can also refer to earrings of this shape. Elongated droplet earrings will visually stretch your face and place the right accents.

Earrings in the form of hearts, stars, cherries and owls are the motives preferred by preschool girls and primary school students. With such ornaments in the ears, they look very cute and graceful. It is worth noting that, despite the “childishness” of the named thematic elements, for adult women of fashion they also remain in trend, as an everyday option or as decorations for special occasions.

Cross earrings are suitable for non-standard individuals who want to demonstrate to others the strengths of their nature and readiness to overcome any obstacles. Such decorations oblige to select them in accordance with a specific life situation. So, for work that does not oblige you to observe a certain style of clothing, you can wear large earrings-crosses with stones. They will look good with light blouses, loose-fitting skirts and trousers, jeans shorts and vests. In offices with a dress code, you can limit yourself to earrings with a small pebble or none at all. For evening wear, crosses with diamonds are suitable, radiating a shine of luxury.

Crown earrings are one of the most popular forms of jewelry today. It is better for girls with a small lobe to choose studs with or without stones – they can be worn as an everyday accessory. For a long earlobe, massive options with crown pendants and precious stones will be appropriate.

Fashionable gold earrings this season are:

  • richly decorated with stones studs and pendants with floral motifs;
  • cuffs with oriental notes, imitating the wings of butterflies, angels and openwork compositions;
  • models with tassels, chains, feathers, small crystals;
  • single multi-tiered models;
  • double-sided studs with large colored stones or pearls;
  • earrings made of white, black and rose gold with colored enamel;
  • patterns of geometric or abstract shapes.

Clasp types Earrings

Clasp types Earrings with a French lock are considered the most comfortable and easiest to put on. The pin + loop mechanism holds well on the lobe, does not injure it when putting on and taking off, safe, practical, and elegant. It is mainly used for heavy jewelry. The only drawback of this type of fastening is the possibility of deformation with low-quality metal.

Earrings with an English lock are the most popular. A pin that goes through the ear and into the hole in the earbud actuates a spring mechanism that locks the earring. Such a lock is very reliable, and its only drawback is the inability to change the distance between the ear and the bow, which sometimes leads to discomfort when wearing.