EXCLUSIVE: Jeweller eyes ‘huge potential’ for men’s jewellery market ahead of Father’s Day

EXCLUSIVE: Jeweller eyes ‘huge potential’ for men’s jewellery market ahead of Father’s Day

With Father’s Day fast approaching (Sunday, 20 June), one jeweller has revealed its expectations that men’s jewellery will do particularly well this year.

Set up seven years ago, William May is the e-commerce site of Mays Pawnbrokers and Jewellers, a family-run second hand retailer based in Manchester.

Speaking exclusively with Professional Jeweller about the “continually growing” men’s jewellery market, managing director Nick Withington expressed his belief that the segment is set to experience a boom in the near future.

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Around Father’s Day alone, said Withington, William May tends “to see a 25-30% increase in sales in the men’s jewellery department”, and that number has only been trending upwards in recent years. “Especially last year when the high street was closed,” Withington added.

The MD forecasted that “bracelets, chains and rings” will perform particularly well this Father’s Day.

Looking at the year-round market for men’s jewellery more generally, Withington added: “We have seen significant growth in the men’s jewellery department over the past 12 months.

“There is a huge potential for the popularity of men’s jewellery to develop further and be used to elevate and enhance an outfit and express individual personalities.

“The popularity of men’s jewellery is a continually growing market and is being worn with confidence to express each individual sense of style.”

William May reported a significant sales growth over the UK’s lockdowns last year due to the closure of non-essential bricks-and-mortar stores.

Read Nick Withington’s conversation with PJ on the topic below, in which he also discusses the benefits of a complete website redesign and what it is like competing in the second hand jewellery market with big players like eBay:

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