Health Care Means More in 2021

 Health Care Means More in 2021

As a business who has spent the better part of a year in pandemic mode, you know more than a little about giving up things for the good of everyone. As individuals, we all gave up even more, from birthdays to holidays to work. We all did things for the betterment of our neighbors, our community, our country and even the world.  We have been staying home, video conferencing, washing our hands and wearing face masks. There is not a single piece of our lives that has gone untouched by adversity in the last year. The changes we have made brought a new way of doing things, as well as patience, acceptance and a new type of connection within our communities.

Your daily measures have changed to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable, what is one more thing you can do? Ensure your team is covered! Providing health care coverage means more now than it ever has. Health care coverage in 2021 means stability, protection and assurance. Adding health care coverage to your employee benefit package shows your employees how important they are and gives assurance in their health care needs, including options for part-time workers.  

Jewelers of America Members have exclusive access to health care coverage at This means having a team that understands the specific needs of jewelers when it comes to health care coverage options. Health care coverage through is simple and straightforward, with advisors to walk you through the entire process via phone, email or chat if needed.

Not having health care coverage in 2021 is like proposing without a ring. Health care coverage from ensures your team has the assistance they need if they get sick and the coverage that fits your business’ needs and budget.

Available plans at include Prosper Benefits by Health Advocate, a suite of non-insurance benefits including TeleMedicine, TeleMental, a HealthCare Advisor, Medical Billing Advocacy and CleverRx. A member who was not feeling well can use the TeleMedicine service used to set-up a call with a physician. Without leaving their office, members can speak with a physician and have a prescription called into their regular pharmacy. This service can be used during work hours, still obtaining the check-up and medicine needed to feel better all with a $0 co-pay. This member saved precious time and money by using health care coverage benefits.

As a Jewelers of America Member, you can use these exclusive benefits to ensure your team has stability, protection and assurance. It all starts at! There are a few things you will need, and has answered some of the questions from other association members below to help you enroll in a complete health care solution today!

Do I need to input an email address for my employees?
Yes. However, we will not send any communication to your employees unless you decide to pick a plan, finalize the selection and opt to invite your employees.

Do I need to put all the information into the system to generate a quote?
Yes. To get the most accurate quote and what carriers are available for your team, we do need all the information requested. Note, carriers can change by region, state and even zip code so be sure to include all your information for the most accurate quote.

How long does it take to get quotes from a carrier? What is the process?
Quotes from Carriers are instantaneous at  You can select plans and invite employees in less than 30 minutes and receive coverage in 30-45 days depending on how quickly your employees complete their portion of enrollment. The enrollment process varies by Carrier and State.

The marketplace has simplified the enrollment process to enable you to find and choose the right plan or plans for your team. However, just like any marketplace, all questions need to be answered completely to find the right plan and price to fit your needs.

To request a call from an advisor, visit and click “Request a Call.” From there you choose the date and time for an advisor to call you, answer all your health care coverage questions and walk you through online enrollment. 

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