How do you clean heavily tarnished silver?

How do you clean heavily tarnished silver?

We have collected some amazing remedies and tricks that can help you in cleaning your heavily tarnished silver Jewelry. You can even apply these tips on your silver plates and cutlery. It is true silver made jewel pieces need regular cleaning.

You can either go on using home-made cleaning methods or use a good-quality polish to clean your silver jewel items. We hope that with the help of these tips, you may get rid of discoloration as well as tarnish from your silver items.

No doubt, these are effective ways and they hope to bring back shine and luster on your required items that are heavily tarnished.

How do you clean heavily tarnished silver?

Apply a targeted silver polish

When you see that tarnish and stains are not getting properly removed from your silver rings, then it is recommended to use and apply a targeted silver polish on those ring items. Most importantly, the mere use of microfiber cloth will not be able to bring back that real shine on your jewel items it same important as you care about your hair dye. You need to pour extra effort. And hence, it is advised to use a high-end silver polish.

To use this product, you just have to take a little amount of it on a clean soft cloth. The next step is to rub that polish on your silver jewels or cutlery. Make sure to apply this polish in the form of up-and-down motion. If you apply polish in a circular motion, then lots of scratches will come on your already tarnished piece. Finally, rinse your tarnished item with warm water and dry it with a clean cloth.

Solution of mild dish soap and warm water

The next tip that you can try out to clean your silver earring items is done with the help of mild dish soap and warm water. This is a great tip for such jewel pieces that have lost their shine and luster. Moreover, if your silver jewelry have discolored, then you can follow this same trick. Simply mix a few of the drops of mild dish soap along with warm water. Take a soft cloth, dip it in the solution and rub it on your silver jewel. Now, rinse it in cool water.

Using baking soda

It is expected and promised that the use of baking soda will keep your silver made necklace items fill with immense amount of shine. This is an appropriate tip and trick that you can follow if your silver jewel items have become 100% tarnished and increase your beauty. To follow this method, the person just has to mix three parts of baking soda to one part water and make a paste of it. Apply this cleaning solution on your silver jewels with the help of lint-free cloth. After, rinse and dry your items.

Cornflour and Water

Another effective remedy to clean tarnished silver is using Cornflour and water. The individual has to make a thick paste comprising Cornflour and water and rub it on your silver chain jewel items. Once the mixture is dry, rub it on the affected tarnished piece and successfully restore the shine element.

Using Toothpaste

This is marked as a classic tip to get rid of tarnished and stained silver. Make sure that you make use of non-gel as well as non-abrasive toothpaste. Take a soft cloth and apply toothpaste on it. Rub it on your tarnished jewels in a circular motion and then rinse it off.


Now, we have talked about and mentioned easy tips regarding cleaning heavily tarnished silver.

More tips are yet to come and for that, you have to keep on connected with us. Just take out all of your tarnished silver jewel pieces and give them a clean and sparkling look. These tips work greatly and instantly remove all tarnish and dirt from your jewels.

If more tips and home-made cleaning methods you can share with us, then feel free to do that. It is time to give a polished and tarnished-free look to your silver jewels.


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