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Israel, Palestine Demonstrations Spill Over into NYC’s Diamond District

Written by aurum

Fireworks exploded on 47th Street, causing panic in the area and one minor injury.

Israel, Palestine Demonstrations Spill Over into NYC’s Diamond District

A clash between Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestine demonstrators led to some commotion in the nearby Diamond District. (Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Tdorante10) New York—Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestine demonstrators clashed near New York City’s Times Square Thursday evening, with fighting carrying over into the nearby Diamond District.

A video was posted to Twitter showing what appeared to be an explosive device going off on West 47th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue in Midtown.

Following the explosion, one individual is seen lying on the ground.

An NYPD spokesperson confirmed two commercial fireworks were thrown from a car. One person received a minor burn.

The Arson Investigation Squad and the Midtown North Detective Squad are investigating the incident on 47th Street, which is home to many Jewish-owned businesses. 

Protesters had begun to gather in Times Square Thursday evening following a ceasefire announcement by Israel and Hamas, set to go into effect today.

Demonstrators on both sides were taken into custody by New York City police.

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