Jade Trau To Open a Southampton Store This Memorial Day Weekend

It will launch with a piercing party.

Jade Trau To Open a Southampton Store This Memorial Day Weekend

“The MO of the collection is ‘new diamond classics,’ so we wanted the store to have the same vibe…modern but still classic and approachable,” said Jade Trau of her new Southampton store. Southampton, N.Y.—This summer, the Hamptons are landing a new fine jewelry destination.

Jade Trau is opening her first boutique in Southampton, New York, with doors opening Memorial Day Weekend.

Venturing into retail marks a major new chapter for the designer.

“I have been working closely with clients for several years through my website, studio visits, and my custom concierge services, so I always knew [client interactions] was something that I loved,” Trau said.

“I look forward to trunk shows. I think retail is fun and social and dynamic and a new sort of challenge that my amazing team and I are ready to take on.”

Trau was inspired by her visits to Katherine Jetter’s annual summer pop-up The Vault in Nantucket, Massachusetts, which carries her designs alongside Jetter’s and other contemporary designers’ work.

Trau will reach a similar affluent, summering crowd in the Hamptons, but more conveniently within reach of her office in New York City.

“Southampton felt like the right fit of being a shopping destination in the Hamptons but still close enough to make a day trip.”

Jade Trau To Open a Southampton Store This Memorial Day Weekend

The space, designed by Tom Pulk, is “modern but still classic and approachable,” Trau said, the same aesthetic she applies to her jewelry designs.

Pulk created simple cases and wall hangings in materials like wood for a natural, organic feel. The shingled wall is an original store detail that is in keeping with the upscale beach atmosphere and historic village.

Like many designers with a strong social media presence and e-commerce, Trau’s business fared well in 2020, but in-person retail will give her more opportunity to forge meaningful connections.

“I feel like a lot of people want to wear their diamond jewelry casually, but they are not sure how. I want to have that conversation: how to mix and match and layer and find the right balance between gold and diamond for your lifestyle. And I also want to work with pieces that are not being worn—restyling is such an integral part of our brand story.”

A new ear piercing will provide the perfect icebreaker for future jewelry conversations. There are three such events scheduled for the summer already, with the first slated to kick off the store’s opening this Friday, May 28 and Saturday, May 29.

Trau said her first brick-and-mortar store will be “the perfect place to spend an hour or two out of the sun this summer.”

Located at 46 Jobs Lane, the store officially opens for business this Friday.


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