Jewellery Technology and Solutions

Jewellery Technology and Solutions

Jewellery makers have relied on age-old techniques, aided by a variety of equipment from basic tools to ultra-modern gadgets, in fashioning their latest creations. Continued advancements in technology, however, have given birth to more sophisticated jewellery manufacturing machinery, technology solutions and gemmological tools.

An example of this is Sarine Technologies Ltd’s recent partnership with HB Antwerp aimed at providing technology-driven services in the diamond industry. 

HB Antwerp sources, analyses, cuts and polishes diamonds using an innovative methodology that simplifies global diamond supply chain processes and enhances transparency. 

The deal with Sarine fortifies both companies’ traceability solutions. Sarine is also providing its Galaxy® scanning, planning and AI-grading technologies, which will be fully integrated with HB’s proprietary technologies throughout the process, from rough sourcing to the final polished result.

“The partnership aims to demonstrate that transparency and open collaboration can benefit all the stakeholders throughout the value chain. In addition, the two companies have also agreed to explore co-development of new technologies based on their R&D centers in Israel and Belgium,” revealed Sarine.

Busch Gmbh & Co KG of Germany meanwhile introduced a product that promises to revolutionise the creation of pavé settings. The PavéCut 447AU combines twist drill and round bur in one tool, effectively merging two steps – pre-drilling and shaping – into one, and eliminating the need for time-consuming tool changes and reducing costs, too.

Another essential component of the business are product packaging and display since these “seal the deal” for the jewellery purchase. A display that effectively showcases a jewellery piece’s most attractive features could turn heads at events and shows, or from display windows. 

A suitable packaging meanwhile completes the overall appeal of the jewellery, especially if it’s being gifted to a special someone. Buyers are on the lookout for a packaging design that is both pleasing to the eye and functional, with these three features having the most weight: Colour, text and logo or illustration.

More innovative packaging is also gaining ground in the market. An eclectic array of jewellery boxes in different shapes, colours and materials are at the customers’ disposal. A rising number of packaging products also come with a LED light that illuminates the jewellery piece while others have magnetic locking mechanisms. 


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