Kamala’s Bold Jewels for Biden’s First Address

 Kamala’s Bold Jewels for Biden’s First Address

Madam Vice President wore groundbreaking designs by Ana Khouri

April 29, 2021—To be honest I wasn’t thinking about it. It hadn’t even crossed my mind what the image of the first female Vice-President and Speaker of the House would look like positioned behind President Biden for his first address to a joint session of Congress.

And I didn’t hear anyone talking about it in the media. If they did I somehow managed to miss it.  So, seeing the three of them when I arrived home from dinner last night and the address was underway was powerful and awesome.

As Biden laid out his bold agenda, I couldn’t help but think the women of substance seated behind him looked as strong as could be in their statement jewels.

 Kamala’s Bold Jewels for Biden’s First Address

Nancy Pelosi, polished as always, coordinated her large bead choker with the pattern on her periwinkle and bronze jacket. The Mace of the Republic brooch was on her lapel. A symbol of the House of Representatives’ authority, the jewel features an eagle with its wings spread on top of 13 rods representing the original 13 states.

 Kamala’s Bold Jewels for Biden’s First Address

Kamala Harris coordinated her cream Prabul Gurung suit with what appears to be an all-gold American flag pin. Her necklace and earrings came from Ana Khouri’s collection.

The jewels are composed of 18K fairmined gold and ethically sourced South Sea pearls.

The open choker ending in two pearls was at once consistent with the pearl necklaces that have become such a signature part of the vice-president’s look but also an adventurous variation on the style.

The Mirian Earrings display Ana Khouri’s daring way of breaking boundaries with form. The gold wraps around the lobe and the pearl rests at the top of the ear canal.

It was divine to see the imaginative jewels on the Vice President. It was also wonderful how she continues to shine a spotlight on independent jewelry super talents.


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