Natural Diamond Council provides stone for All That Glitters’ heartbroken couple

Natural Diamond Council provides stone for All That Glitters’ heartbroken couple

The Natural Diamond Council has revealed that it provided the diamond for the ring that was presented to a couple on this week’s episode of All That Glitters.

The BBC Two jewellery design show every week pits the contestants against one another, and in one challenge they are asked to design a piece of jewellery for a very specific brief for one customer.

This week’s was a couple, James and Clare, whose engagement ring had been stolen in a burglary.

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With no insurance money left to cover the cost of a new ring, the couple put their case to the All That Glitters jewellers who were happy to help.

Using ethically-sourced princess-cut diamonds provided by the Natural Diamond Council, the remaining designers set about designing rings to the couple’s brief.

Lisa Levinson, NDC head of marketing and communications, commented: “A proposal of marriage will always be one of the most precious moments in life and to mark it with a diamond ring is the ultimate symbol of commitment and enduring love.

“This unbreakable miracle of nature symbolises the indestructible bond between two people forever united in love.

“We are delighted to have been part of creating this very special ring for James and Clare to replace the one that was stolen from them.

“The ethically sourced natural diamonds featured in All That Glitters originate from Ekati in the Northwest Territories of Canada and run by the Arctic Canadian Diamond Company.

“Ekati was the first site where diamonds were discovered in Canada over a decade ago, and has now become a major source of employment, income and a respectful environmental steward.”


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