Gold necklace for a luxurious look

The word “necklace” itself from French literally means “collar”, that is, an accessory that is worn around the neck. Today, gold necklaces are popular among those who have the opportunity to purchase them.

The gold necklace has a very long and rich history. Even the ancient Egyptian pharaohs decorated their outfits with such accessories. They used such an ornament not just for decoration – such necklaces were considered a symbol of power.

Gold necklaces were worn for a long time only by noble people. In ancient Rome, these were warriors, in the Middle Ages – eminent nobles. It was only in the eighteenth century that the gold necklace began to be perceived as a separate accessory. It was at this time that the ruler of Denmark introduced gold necklaces tightly around the throat into fashion. Such accessories were part of the outfits of many rich ladies.

A gold necklace immediately declares the status of its owner. If your outfit complements such an expensive accessory, it means that the attention of everyone around you will be riveted to you.

Types and forms necklaces

The shapes of the necklace should be discussed separately. In the wake of the popularity of chokers, very short necklaces that are close to the neck are popular.

Another popular option is a multi-layer necklace made up of multiple chains. Such an accessory can be completely zloty, or supplemented with inserts of various precious or semi-precious metals.

The pendant in the style of the Scythian pectoral is also in trend now. This accessory looks especially good on girls with long and thin necks.

If you prefer the classics of all the existing styles, you should definitely pay attention to the necklace, made in the form of a gold collar.

But romantic girls will like the Riviera style. Such a necklace consists of an exquisite gold weave that resembles lace in its appearance. This necklace will perfectly complement any evening look.