Pandora ditches mined diamonds

Pandora ditches mined diamonds

Pandora has entered the lab-grown diamond sphere.

The company announced it will no longer be using mined diamonds in its jewellery, citing a push for ‘sustainably created’ and affordable products. To mark the transition, Danish jewellery brand has launched ‘Pandora Brilliance,’ its first-ever collection to feature lab-created diamonds.

“[Lab-grown diamonds are as much a symbol of innovation and progress as they are of enduring beauty and stand as a testament to our ongoing and ambitious sustainability agenda,” says CEO, Alexander Lacik. “Diamonds are not only forever, but for everyone.”

The stones used in the collection, Pandora says, offer the same optical, chemical, thermal, and physical characteristics of mined diamonds and are graded by the same standards cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight.

The collection includes rings, bangles, necklaces, and earrings, with each piece featuring a solitary lab-grown diamond set in sterling silver, 14-karat yellow gold, or 14-karat white gold.

The product line is currently available in the United Kingdom with plans for a global launch expected in 2022.


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