Podcast: After Pandora, Is Cartier Next?

 Podcast: After Pandora, Is Cartier Next?

RAPAPORT… The Rapaport Diamond Podcast looks at Pandora’s decision to focus on lab-grown stones instead of mined goods, and whether higher-end brands could go the synthetics route.

With Cartier CEO Cyrille Vigneron hinting to Forbes that it wouldn’t rule out using lab-grown diamonds, could man-made stones have a future at the top jewelry maisons?

The team also reflects on the latest developments at Tiffany & Co., which recently opened a yellow-themed pop-up store mimicking the radical jewelry-box idea it released on April Fools’ Day. Plus: updates on the Indian manufacturing sector and the state of diamond financing.

Listen to the podcast here:

Images: Pandora’s new lab-grown line (bottom left); the yellow jewelry box Tiffany & Co. launched as an April fool (bottom right). (Pandora, Tiffany & Co., Shutterstock) Source

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