Celine knot bracelet

celine knot bracelet

The celine bracelet is made of high quality hypoallergenic steel with rhodium plating, which will allow bracelets to serve for many years.
The Celine knot metal bracelet is your first step on the way to making the right choice. How easy it is to feel beautiful, graceful and dazzlingly bright if you are dressed with taste.



celine knot bracelet

Celine created high-end and refined jewels with timeless materials. to clean your jewel, we advise to use a soft cloth. when not worn, all jewels should be protected in the celine pouch to prevent impacts and frictions. avoid bending the jewels especially rigid bracelets to prevent oxidation. pieces with spring functionality must not get in contact with sea water or aggressive chemical substances. all our jewels are nickel-free and hypoallergenic. brass jewellery brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc. on celine creations, it is coated with 24k gold or rhodium. it can be cleaned with a soft cloth. avoid contact with cosmetics, chemical and abrasive products. silver & vermeil jewellery celine has created precious jewels in 925/1000 sterling silver and gold plated 925/1000 sterling silver (also known as vermeil). the vermeil jewels are made of sterling silver plated with 5 microns of 24 k gold. we certify the authenticity of these jewels. precious pieces are timeless and age beautifully with a proper care. the sterling silver pieces will naturally get a vintage look with usage. natural stones natural stones are delicate and must be protected from impacts. they should be kept in a place where they do not knock into each other. enamel enamel is a very durable material. it is sensitive to shocks so they should be handled with care. it should be kept away from chemical and abrasive products. leather the leather material is authentic yet delicate. a few drops of rain can be wiped away with a soft, dry cloth. avoid contact with cosmetics & chemical products to prevent stains.

Decorate your look with a celine knot bracelet – part of your wardrobe, with which you can change or complement your personality and create a harmonious mood. Shop Celine’s premium quality jewelry.

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