Solutions to buy diamonds and create appraisals

Solutions to buy diamonds and create appraisals

Jewelers Mutual® Group recently launched the Zing® platform and it’s growing fast, thanks to its continuously improving technology.

The platform features products from Jewelers Mutual and other industry leaders—like a diamond marketplace, powered by IDEX, and Jewelry Appraisal Solution, leveraging the expertise of Gemworld.

Both are free to use, even if you’re not a current customer of Jewelers Mutual. Their capabilities were recently enhanced, too, so there’s never been a better time to check them out.

IDEX’s Guaranteed Diamond Transactions™ service allows suppliers to share their inventory, including specifications, grading, and pricing information, so all jewellers have transparent access to inventory and pricing around the globe. This service also features authentication against grading lab certificates.

Hundreds of thousands of diamonds are easily searchable. You can view images, videos, grading, and origin reports provided by the supplier.

The Jewelry Appraisal Solution* leverages Gemworld’s pricing expertise, which gives you the ability to quickly create an appraisal for insurance purposes. Not only does this create a seamless experience for your customer, your business can earn $20 for each appraisal that accompanies a personal jewellery insurance application through the Jewelry Appraisal Solution. Because it’s backed by Gemworld, you know you’re getting the most accurate information for everything from basic diamonds to opals, fancy yellow diamonds, metals with a mix of platinum and gold, and much more.

While the Zing platform is just getting started, it’s already maximizing business potential across the industry with a few simple clicks. It’s free, open to everyone in the jewellery industry, and offers everything you need in one location to empower smart decisions and create seamless experiences.

This makes it the perfect time to get started! Visit to take your business to the next level.

*Jewelry Appraisal Solution and personal jewellery insurance not available in Quebec.

Coverage is offered by a member insurer of the Jewelers Mutual Group, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, SI.

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