Some rare gemstones

Rare Gemstones

Precious or psychic stones are different types of minerals that are composed of at least two elements, and they are mainly composed of silica, with some impurities in it, and the difference in gemstones is due to the difference in the substance that composes them in addition to silica, and they are often found in places of volcanic silt, such as Volcanic gravel and volcanic river flow locations.

Diamond Tavette

These stones are found in Sri Lanka, southern Tanzania and China, and are distinguished by their colors from red to purple. It is also considered a million times rarer than real diamonds, and the price of one carat of it reaches $ 2000.

Black opal

About 95% of it is found in New South Wales in Australia, and it is one of the rarest and most expensive stones, with one carat of it reaching 2,355 dollars; Which made it the property of emperors, kings and sultans. Black opal has rainbow-like flashes.

Black opal stands out from other minerals in its family primarily in color. Its dark surface with bright inclusions is reminiscent of the depths of space: distant stars, galaxies and nebulae. The properties of a stone are not limited to a spectacular appearance. Magicians use it in their rituals, and lithotherapists – in the treatment of diseases. Whether you can use a gem is certainly influenced by astrology and a person’s character.

Sephora black opal

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Mesmerizing blue tanzanite

Blue tanzanite is found in limited quantities in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, and is characterized by its attractive colors from blue to purple, and its color varies according to the vanadium ions present in it, and Tiffany Jewelry Company launched this name on it in honor of Tanzania, and the price of a carat of stone reaches 1500 to $.

Royal Demantoid

These stones were discovered in the mid-1800s in the Ural Mountains in western Central Russia, and they carry the green color and are included in the agate stones whose colors range from yellowish green to green emerald, and the price of one carat of it reaches 2000 dollars.


This stone was discovered at the end of the nineteenth century in Siberia, and some types of it are found in Namibia, and jeremigivite is formed from the minerals aluminum and borate, and unstable quantities of fluoride and hydroxide apony, and its color ranges from transparent to bluish or pale yellow. The price of one carat of it is 2000 dollars.

Powderite stone

This stone was discovered for the first time in Quebec, Canada, and is characterized by its soft nature which cannot be turned into a gem in the form of a ring. Where he fits earrings and pins when given the proper care, and the price per carat of it up to 3000 dollars.

Builtot stone

This stone was discovered in the United States of America in the San Benito River, and it is distinguished by its permanent fluorescence properties, as it glows when exposed to ultraviolet sunlight, and the price per carat of it reaches 4000 dollars.


It is spread in many regions of the world, and is distinguished by its strong green color. The price per carat of it is 8000 dollars.

Red beryl stone

Discovered in Mexico in Utah, it is found in small quantities in the emerald family, moore ganete, golden beryl and aquamarine, and the price of a carat of it reaches 10,000 dollars.

Paraiba tourmaline

It was discovered in ParaĆ­ba and Brazil, and it is considered the best kind of precious stones, and wedding rings are preferred from it, and the price per carat of it reaches 12,000 dollars.

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