The Latest Pinterest Data Shows What Gen Z Wants Post-Pandemic

The Latest Pinterest Data Shows What Gen Z Wants Post-Pandemic

Recent announcements from the CDC seem to indicate that we’re truly headed for post-pandemic life—though what exactly that will look like, no one knows yet. But as the number of adults in the United States who are vaccinated increases (and soon the same will apply to older children), people have started making plans. Vacation? It finally seems possible. What about the projects we’ve poured into our homes over the past year? How about our shopping habits, how will they change?

Pinterest was, understandably, a big destination for social media users throughout the pandemic. It’s the place to bookmark your favorite ideas and inspirations, and a place to make plans, whether for home improvement or a new recipe to try. We’ll have to see how social media use changes as people begin to transition to IRL interactions, but I think it’s safe to say the digitally savvy won’t be abandoning this platform altogether.

Generation Z was an especially big user of the platform over the pandemic, with searches made by the demographic up 96% year over year. And, according to Pinterest, they’re leading the trends that might define what the months to come will look like.

Where once users voraciously searched for baking, home organization, and mindfulness, their searches are now turning to things like travel and outfits (finally, we’ll be seen!).

According to Pinterest, searches for vacations are accelerating faster than they did pre-pandemic during this time of year, increasing by 75%—three times as fast as the previous average of 24%.

Perhaps the bad news for jewelers is that, presumably for at least this customer segment, more money will be spent on vacations than on luxury goods in the coming year: Pinterest searches for dream vacation destinations increased by 13 times, and luxury vacation increased by 6 times. But among those vacation-related searches was one for vacation fashion, which tripled—and as accessories are certainly a major part of that fashion, it’s a good opportunity to push those destination-ready styles up front and center.

What type of jewelry is Gen Z looking for? According to Pinterest, searches for clay rings have increased by 303 times, hippie jewelry by 16 times, and nose chain piercing by 8 times. While polymer clay rings are a cheap fad, “hippie jewelry” has broad possibilities, and those shoppers with more spending money—millennials, maybe—would be more likely to splurge there. After all, though Gen Z is leading the search for fashion trends like “Y2K outfit ideas,” “’60s and ’70s fashion,” and “plaid pleated skirt,” they certainly don’t own the styles.

Overall, if we can loosely apply Gen Z Pinterest search habits to a broader market, jewelers might want to prepare for customers whose disposable incomes are becoming more diversified, though with a positive outlook on the future, celebratory shopping may be in order.

See the entire report from Pinterest, here.

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