Tiffany bracelet

Brief history of the brand

Tiffany&Co is a brand with a long history. The company was founded in 1837, when Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young opened a small stationery store in New York City on the main shopping street Broadway.

After the premiere of the romantic comedy film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with the brilliant Audrey Hepburn, many women still dream of receiving the cherished turquoise box tied with a white ribbon as a present.

Tiffany&Co stores now operate all over the world. The brand offers jewelry, watches, porcelain, crystal, silver, status stationery and office supplies.

For almost 200 years, the company has been recognized worldwide as a trendsetter among jewelry. After all, its jewelry is an excellent investment and can be inherited from a grandmother to a granddaughter.

The brand prides itself on offering the very best products. The slogan on their official website says that 99.96 percent of all diamonds in the world do not meet Tiffany’s quality standards.

Even the official Tiffany color is exclusive, it is a unique specially developed color formula – a specific turquoise shade of blue.

The price of jewelry is different. But the design of the same product is repeated in different metals: white gold, yellow gold, sterling silver. You can easily match your jewelry to your budget.

By the way, the company was the first of all to introduce the standard of purity of sterling silver in the United States – 925 standard.

So, you cannot be afraid to buy silver jewelry in Tiffany. They are here, like everything else, the best.

Most popular jewelry

What is especially exciting for the beautiful half of humanity?

1. Tiffany bracelets

Branded bracelets “Tiffany&Co” have been extremely popular among fashionistas for many decades. The collection of this brand presents both refined classic versions and modern models made by the world’s leading jewelers.

One of the hallmarks of Tiffany bracelets is the synthesis of elegance and sophistication. All over the world bracelets of the brand are recognized thanks to the invariable attributes: a turquoise box, pendants in the form of keys, locks and hearts. The Tiffany heart bracelet and Tiffany bead bracelet are most loved by ladies all over the globe. For a young girl, you can choose the Tiffany silver heart bracelet.

Or you can take a closer look at the Tiffany bangle from the 1837 collection. A

laconic square bracelet with soft corners and a concave contour, the smooth outlines of which will emphasize the tenderness of a woman’s hand.

tiffany silver heart bracelet

2. Tiffany earrings

Fashionable earrings from a popular brand have one distinctive feature: they are very elegant. Branded jewelry can highlight the look of not only an ordinary lady, but also the style of a famous singer, actress or model. For this, Tiffany accessories are loved by fashionistas who want to look luxurious.

Feminine accessories are made in a minimalist style. They are not supplemented with unnecessary details. Earrings can only consist of silver and neat stones. This design pleases true connoisseurs of luxury.

Accessories in the form of hearts are literally created for gentle and romantic natures. The Tiffany heart earrings look very original and flirty. They are able to transform the image of a lady and make it more charming and playful.

3. Tiffany smile necklaces

The white gold pendant on a thin chain, for all its minimalism, is not without humor: the designers played with the stylized letter T, turning it into a “smiley”.

Every modern fashionista wants to look perfect. To do this, you need to choose the right clothes, but also accessories. A beautiful and harmonious ensemble can effectively transform your look. Jewelry of the American brand Tiffany will be a successful addition to any female look. Reasons for such a success: high quality products, original design and impeccable style.

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