Tiffany unveils first men’s engagement rings

Tiffany unveils first men’s engagement rings

The Charles Tiffany Setting men’s engagement rings
Photo credit: Tiffany & Co

Diamond jewellery expert Tiffany & Co has introduced its first men’s engagement ring that features a solitaire diamond centre stone in an edgy, ultra-modern design that deviates from the traditional wedding band. 

The ring, aptly named The Charles Tiffany Setting after founder Charles Lewis Tiffany, brings to mind a signet silhouette, with the platinum and titanium designs reinventing a classic masculine style with powerful contours, a contemporary profile and a striking centre diamond. 

In 1886, Charles Lewis captivated lovers around the world with the introduction of the solitaire diamond engagement ring for women – the beloved Tiffany® Setting. “The Charles Tiffany Setting honours the jeweller’s long-standing legacy in love and inclusivity, paving the way for new traditions to celebrate our unique love stories and honour our most cherished commitments to one another,” noted Tiffany.

The first release of The Charles Tiffany Setting will be available in round brilliant and emerald-cut diamonds up to 5 carats. The styles with a round brilliant diamond showcase a streamlined knife-edge band, inspired by the band on the iconic Tiffany® Setting, while the styles with an emerald-cut diamond feature strong, architectural bevelled edges.

Tiffany delivers the full craftsmanship journey for each newly sourced, individually registered diamond, including each diamond that is set in The Charles Tiffany Setting. “Such diamond’s region or countries of origin, along with where it was cut and polished, graded and quality assured, as well as set in jewellery will be available from any sales professional as well as printed on the Tiffany Diamond Certificate,” the company said. 


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