Train Your Staff on Jewelry Store Security

 Train Your Staff on Jewelry Store Security

Now that businesses are opening back up, a thorough review of your security procedures is a must.

While you’re busy cleaning your store and implementing health and safety procedures, make sure you’re not neglecting security measures. To minimize the risk of loss, it’s important to ensure that your entire staff knows how to sell with security before customer traffic increases.

Although there’s still a lot of preparation that goes into preparing your business for these new and challenging times, taking time to review jewelry store security is essential.

There are a lot of techniques that make a salesperson successful and secure selling procedures is one of the most important. Large sales could be wiped away if something as simple as forgetting to lock a showcase display is forgotten or other jewelry store security features are missed.

Your staff needs to know:

    Various ways to prevent different types of thefts, such as grab-and-run theft What to do when they suspect something suspicious, such as using a code word or phrase How to properly respond during a robbery Open and close the store with two people Always request a photo ID when showing high-value items

An easy way to train new employees and refresh your current staff on these best practices is to have them register for JM University® — and take the Selling with Security course.

The course includes videos that cover:

    The importance of meeting and greeting every customer Preventing grab-and-run thefts by showing only one item at a time Showcase security and controlling access to their contents How to stay safe during a robbery

Hold an all employee meeting

JM University is a great resource to help your employees become familiar with jewelry store security at their own pace. Having an in-person review of the procedures they’ve learned will help them become more knowledgeable on the topic and feel more comfortable selling with security.

Set a due date for everyone to complete Selling with Security and then schedule some time to meet so the topics can be reviewed, and questions can be answered. The best time to do this is during non-business hours. It provides a great opportunity to show everyone how to open and close a jewelry business properly, which are the most common times for crimes to take place.

Don’t forget to talk about internal theft, a topic that often gets overlooked. It’s not always about stealing from the inventory or cash from the drawer. It can extend to instances like an employee discount given to a friend or stealing time by improperly accounting for their hours worked. Have documented policies and procedures in place that cover this topic and review with your staff.

Lastly, apply the principles of Selling with Security to the specific aspects of your business and the physical layout of your location. You might consider pointing out specific things like:

    What types of merchandise are most likely to be targeted Managing the flow of customer traffic to prevent distractions How to identify and share information about suspicious activity What to do after a robbery or theft occurs

You may also want to consider a high-level overview of your physical security. Examples of this would be:

    Location and operation of surveillance cameras How to secure merchandise in a safe or vault How to arm your alarm system

Resources to help your staff sell jewelry securely

Whether you’re a retail jeweler, wholesaler, or custom designer selling jewelry online, you can benefit from educational courses on JM University. Think you have your security best practices memorized? Take the quizzes featured in A Day in the Life of a Jeweler, our latest course outlining common threats jewelers face every day.

 Train Your Staff on Jewelry Store Security

 Train Your Staff on Jewelry Store Security

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