Gold Watches

Since its inception, wrist watches have served not only as a device showing the exact time, but also as a fashion accessory that demonstrates the level of the owner’s well-being. In the age of mass production, every person is able to acquire a simple accessory, but in our time it is able to become an indicator of high status – if we are talking, for example, about a women’s gold watch with a gold bracelet.

Pros and cons 14k gold watches

There are many alternatives to gold as a material for watch cases and bracelets, so the choice should be taken with greater care.

The yellow precious metal has a number of advantages that make people prefer it:

14k gold is not a cheap material, and even today not everyone can afford an expensive piece of jewelry. It is important for every woman to feel loved and dear, and the presence of a gold bracelet on the wrist will confirm to others that this is how it really is.
Fashion is constantly changing, and what was stylish yesterday may already be the height of bad taste today – that is how you can say about everything except gold. This metal has been used as a decoration for several millennia, it does not lose its attractive appearance over time, and if a real master has worked on it, then, after many years, the product may also rise in price!
Women’s gold watches with a gold bracelet are suitable for almost any fashion collection, if you choose the right model.

As for the shortcomings, it is worth noting the comparative softness of gold – jewelry made from it should not be worn every day, since the danger of its deformation is quite high. The disadvantage could also be called the high cost of such a product.

Mens gold watch

Any successful man’s “gentleman’s set” should include a wristwatch, which in most cases is made of metal. Gold options deserve special attention, which are symbols of the success and security of their owner.

A huge number of such models are presented on the modern market, which differ in their design, shape, appearance and functionality. Thanks to this, each person can choose the option that is optimal for his image and needs.

Gold watches for men are very popular and in demand.

Among the features of such accessories are the following.

  • Such models can be made from different types of gold. The most popular today are yellow and white, you can also find products made of rose gold.
  • In most cases, these watches are made in the “classic” style, therefore, even after many years they do not go out of fashion.
  • Gold models often feature a traditional movement that is considered more accurate and reliable. As for quartz movements, they are not so rare.
  • The filling is distinguished by high quality components, which are produced by world-famous companies. The best are the mechanisms from Switzerland and Japan.
  • The watch on a gold bracelet boasts an attractive appearance. Designers think over everything in such a way that the bracelet is ideally combined with the case in all characteristics and parameters.
  • Such models often play the role of family values, therefore they are inherited. In addition, they can become a safe investment, because gold is increasing in value every day, and after years such a watch will cost much higher than its original value.

Gold watches for men are a worthy addition to the image of a respectable, wealthy and successful person who knows his own worth. They will always look prestigious and respectable, especially if their case and dial are adorned with precious stones.

Before purchasing accessories, you need to decide what you plan to wear them with. The peculiarity of gold watches is that they are most suitable for classic and business style. For example, it is better not to wear such a thing under jeans and a sweater. Considering the high cost of the product and the fact that it is purchased for more than one season, the choice must be taken as seriously as possible and paid close attention to every detail.